Cocktails We Recommend $15


River Run

currants, red fruit and effervescent

Riga Black Balsam Currant, Carpano Bianco, Cocchi Rosa, Ginger Bitters (MG)


Di Pompelmo

refreshing ripe grapefruit peel

Citron Sayvagem Aperol, Tequila, Grapefruit Bitter (ST)


Skal Vala

Crisp, floral, savory

Maritni Reserve Amber, Aquavit, Old Tom Gin, Apple Bitters (KHB)


Now I See

jammy, oxidized raisins and baking spices

St Raphael, Tossolini, 15 Year Brandy, Figgy Pudding Bitters (ST)


Sharpie Mustache

island spice and leather

Meletti, Bonal, Rye, Gin, Tiki Bitters (CE)


Zipper Skin

black tea, citrus, caramel

Southern Amaro, China China, Single Barrel Bourbon, Smoked Orange Bitters (ST)


Late Harvest

honeycomb, red berry, smoke

luxardo Bianco, Zucca, Cocchi Torino, Rye, Scotch, Black Lemon Bitters (MG)


Rouse the Dogs

cocoa, tobacco, vegetal spice

Averna, Punt e Mes, Apple Brandy, Japanese Pepper Bitters (KHB)


Spotted Elephant

coffee, molasses, oak

Cafe Amaro, Rum, Machino Red Vermouth, Blackstrap Bitters (MG)


8 Amaro Sazerac

our riff on the classic

House Amari Blend, Green Chartreuse, Orange Citrate (MS)


try a classic Old Fashioned, Manhattan or Negroni

or we will gladly customize one to suit your taste


creator key: CE - Christ Elford, MG - Max Green, KHB - Kyle Hunter Bailey, MS - Mayur Saburro,

ST - Sother Teague